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Casus Finanse Group

The Casus Finanse Group provides services connected with comprehensive and professional management of claims and financial risk of enterprises. The complexity of the services offered by Casus Finanse allows providing a comprehensive offer of consumer claims (sector B2C) and commercial claims (B2B sector) management.

We have been operating on the collection services market since 1997. We are the unquestionable leader on the national market of lease agreement collections.

The Casus Finanse Group provides monitoring and collection services throughout Poland and abroad. We cooperate with international organizations associating collection companies and specialist law offices. Thanks to that, we are effective regardless of the debtor’s location.

The registered office of Casus Finanse is in Wrocław, at 43 Kleczkowska street. That is also the location of our modern Call Center, which operates on the basis of an in-house computer system and employs teams of professional and experienced telephone negotiators.